Swing Bed

Your physician may think you need a few more days in the Hospital after your acute treatment has ended.  This is possible through the Titusvillle Area Hospital Swing Bed Program.  This program allows patients, who meet certain criteria, to regain strength and endurance in order to return home and maintain their independence.  These stays, can last for up to 20 days if needed, and may be covered by insurance or Medicare.

Criteria for Swing Bed Stays

Medicare requires patients to be hospitalized for three consecutive midnights before being eligible for a Swing Bed stay. The other most common criteria are:

  • Needing additional skilled care in order to return home safely
  • Being prescribed daily physical, occupational, and/or speech therapy
  • Requiring extensive wound care therapy
  • Needing extended IV medication therapy
  • Having a terminal diagnosis

Commercial insurance plans use the above Medicare criteria in addition to their own guidelines to determine qualification for insurance coverage. Commercial insurance Swing Bed admissions are approved by the insurance plan reviewers. Medicaid and Medical Assistance HMO Plans are NOT eligible for the Swing Bed Program.

Medicare Coverage

Medicare will pay 100% of costs for the first 20 days of a Swing Bed stay if the criteria are continually being met.  The Swing Bed stay falls under Medicare insurance coverage for long-term care. Patients need to have Medicare Insurance Part A and Part B to qualify.  The patient and patient's family must also agree to fully participate in the Program.

More Information

Please contact the Swing Bed Coordinator at 814-827-1851, extension 3860 for more information about Swing Bed Program stays.