We continue our commitment to patient-centered care providing high-quality, affordable health care to our patients.  We strive for clinical excellence, service quality and operating efficiencies.


Please allow at least 30 minutes to register prior to your procedure or appointment. Enter through the main entrance and take a privacy number at the Information Desk in the lobby.  A registrar will call your number and escort you to a registration area.  You will need to present photo identification, insurance information, a physician's order for your procedure, and a method of payment. We are now able to determine and collect patient co-payments and deductibles at the time of service.

What to Bring when your are being admitted to the Hospital

Please be sure to bring a list of your medications, photo identification,  and your insurance cards.  You may want to also bring your address book with phone numbers, and a copy of your living will.  Items that can be easily lost or broken such as eyeglasses, dentures and hearing aids should be kept in a protective case in the drawer of your bedside stand. Consider bringing the following to make your stay more comfortable:

Rubber-soled slippers          Toiletries                                             Pajamas                                   Deodorant

Robe                                    Toothbrush & toothpaste                      Undergarments                       Razor

Reading material           

Some items are better left at home, including large amounts of cash, jewelry or other valuables and electrical devices such as laptops, cell phones, e-readers, heating pads, curling irons or hair dryers.

The hospital will not be liable for the loss of, or damage to, personal property brought into the facility unless it is placed in the hospital's safe.

Please be sure to double-check your room before you are discharged to make sure you have all of your belongings.  If you have placed items in the hospital safe, be sure to retrieve them when discharged.


Whenever possible, you will be given a private room, which includes an adjustable bed with side-rails, a nurse call button, television, complimentary copy of the Titusville Herald newspaper, and a telephone.

Patient meals are provided at approximately 8:00 a.m., noon, and 5:00 p.m.  A dietitian can meet with you to discuss your nutritional needs, especially as they pertain to your treatment and doctor's orders.

About My Procedure

You will receive specific information and preparation or pre-procedure instructions from your physician.

Billing & Insurance

You are personally responsible for your hospital bill.  Titusville Area Hospital will accept insurance assignment of confirmed hospitalization benefits, or a deposit may be requested when you register.  If you do not have any insurance, and meet income requirements, you may qualify for assistance under the Hospital's Charity Care Program.  Contact the Financial Aide staff in the Business Office at extension 4740 or 2060 if you have any questions.

We are now able to determine and collect patient co-payments and deductibles at the time of service.  This change has been made possible with our new patient accounting system that is able to verify insurance benefits up front.  

Our Business Office staff will talk with patients and families before a scheduled procedure or during a hospital admission to discuss your specific payment arrangements.

Please do not hesitate to direct any questions or concerns to the Revenue Cycle Director at (814) 827-1851 or 1-800-950-1851, extension 2530.

The fee for services provided by your physician are separate from your hospital bill.  The services for consultants, surgeons, radiologists, pathologists, and anesthesiologists are also billed separately.

If you would like to pay your bill online, please go to the online bill pay page.




The amount the patient is responsible before the insurance will pay


The percentage of the claim the patient must pay to the hospital each time service is rendered if the insurance does not pay in full


fixed amount the patient is responsible for paying at each visit

Out of Pocket Max (OOP)

The highest amount your insurance requires you to pay for healthcare in one year before they cover at 100%


Primary subscriber on the insurance/policy holder


The person legally responsible for the bill


Written approval from the patient's primary care physician (PCP).  This approval is required prior to rendering services for some insurance companies.


Tobacco-free:  Titusville Area Hospital and its affiliates are committed to improving the health and well-being of patients, visitors, volunteers and employees.  Since smoking and the use of tobacco products are major contributing factors to many health problems, and in order to provide a healing environment for our patients, we have  instituted a Tobacco-free policy.  Tobacco use is not allowed in the building or on the grounds including parking lots and sidewalks.  

Identification Bracelets:  All patients must wear an identification bracelet and/or allergy bracelet while in the Hospital. Patients who have been identified as a high-risk for falls must wear a fall prevention bracelet.

Gratuities:  Hospital staff and volunteers are here to serve you, and not allowed to accept tips or personal gifts.  A simple "thank you" is appreciated.  If you wish to support the care at Titusville Area Hospital by making a donation click here to, Donate Now

Patient Rights & Responsibilities and more information on Hospital policies, click here policies


Titusville Area Hospital does not have a direct relationship with these transportation entities, and this list is provided as a convenience to our patients and families.

Crawford County

CATA - Crawford Area Transportation Authority offers a fixed route service and shared ride service.  Call (814) 775-0228 to sign up or receive a schedule.

Crawford County Transportation - (800) 210-6226 All ACCESS clients should call immediately to sign up for transportation.

EmergyCare -  Ambulance and Wheelchair transportation available for a fee (814) 827-1893

Veterans Services - (814) 333-7314

Love Inc. -  (814) 827-4882

Titusville Taxi - (814) 827-TAXI (8294)

Venango County

Bakers Transport - (814) 678-2443  All ACCESS clients should call immediately to sign up for transportation.

Community Ambulance - (814) 437-3016

Venango Bus - Fixed Route Service (814) 677-6554

Venango County Transportation Program - (814) 432-9760 or (814) 437-3889

Veterans Services - (814) 677-7591

Forest County

Forest County Transport - (800) 222-1706

Tionesta Ambulance - (814) 755-3200

Warren County

Transcare Ambulance -  (800) 822-5479 or (814) 723-3225

Warren County Transit Authority - (814) 723-1874