Pain Management

Each year millions of adults suffer pain so severe that it restricts their ability to work and enjoy life, but that doesn't have to be the case. If pain is part of your life, the Pain Management Center of Titusville Area Hospital may be able to help you lead a more full and productive life.

What Is Pain?

Acute pain is commonly associated with a specific disease or injury. It is a warning signal alerting the body that something is wrong. If the condition is not relieved, more serious problems may develop that could require immediate treatment and/or result in chronic pain.

Chronic pain persists for more than six (6) months and does not respond to conventional medical treatments. It is a complex medical issue that is difficult to diagnose and can affect a patient's physical and emotional well being.

Pain Management Center at Titusville Area Hospital

Designed to treat chronic and acute pain sufferers when conventional medical therapies have been unsuccessful, the Pain Management Center is a highly specialized, innovative program that takes a multidisciplinary approach. The Center operates primarily on an outpatient basis with most patients being referred by their primary care physician, though some patients contact the Center directly.

A Board Certified anesthesiologist trained in pain management directs the Center.  Assisting staff members include physical therapists who help patients strengthen their bodies in order to reduce pain, and other medical specialists as needed. All work closely with the patient, primary care physician and family to pinpoint the cause and develop an appropriate treatment for pain.

Many patients are completely relieved of their pain. Others demonstrate significant increases in activity, experience reductions in pain and are able to lower the quantities of medication they must take in order to feel relief.

Primary Objectives

  • Alleviate pain whenever possible and assist the patient in coping with any residual discomfort or distress
  • Reduce dependency on pain medications
  • Reduce disability and restore patient to a more normal, meaningful, and satisfying life

Treatment Methods

Types of treatment include nerve blocks, injection therapy (trigger point, joints, epidural), psychotherapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy and referrals to other specialists as needed.  Sedation is offered with some injection therapies.  We are currently unable to accept patients requiring medication only treatment.


Most insurance companies cover the cost of treatments at the Pain Management Center after the initial consultation, but it is best for patients to check with their insurer about coverage and determine if the physician is a participating provider.

Contact Us

Call 814-827-1851 or 1-800-950-1851 to contact the Pain Management Center located within Titusville Area Hospital, 406 West Oak Street, Titusville, PA 16354.