The seeds for Titusville Area Hospital began within the heart of the community in 1871. Two events started a discussion that culminated into the nationally recognized health care institution enjoyed by the Titusville area today. A local businessman, George Anderson, donated a plot of land at the edge of town for a building site. Around the same time, a local physician Dr. William Varian wrote a letter to the editor suggesting the need for a hospital.

These events began a dialogue that continued until 1900 when the money was raised to build the Titusville Hospital. Although the original land donation was not the site used, profits raised from the sale of the land were included.

The dedication of the people within the community is the key component in the successful history of the hospital. From that original land donation to the continued community support of the fundraisers today, the people of the Titusville area consistently support their community's hospital.

This support exemplified itself in many ways. From 1871-1900, that support was in the form of time spent discussing the need and location of the facility. One such discussion centered on locating the hospital near a proposed racetrack. Familiar issues such as "noise in the neighborhood" and "dust" were the hot topics of the day. These early planners spent their time well, considering the hospital remains at the same location.

Community support in the early 1900's shifted to the hands-on business of building and maintaining the facility. The Board of Directors not only volunteered to participate in the process, but also were shareholders in the venture - each donating their own money to the cause. The rest of the community did their share through the annual "Donation Days".  Records meticulously display donated items such as: glasses of jelly, fruit, sugar, bathtubs, blankets, wine and furniture. Any items necessary for the day-to-day operations of the hospital were contributed from within the community.

Fundraisers such as lectures at the Opera House were implemented to establish a Free Bed account ensuring that anyone who needed care would receive it regardless of their ability to pay.

Through the years, the community continues to be the heart of the hospital. The volunteer board directed the hospital's activities and responded to such critical issues of the day such as Prohibition. The hospital had many uses for alcohol in the treatment of patients. Their solution resulted in the need for written permission from the hospital's president if alcohol was used. When there was a need for nurses at the hospital, the Titusville Nursing School was started to help women train for this important profession.

The Board of Directors always infused the well-being of the community in the running of the hospital. Other volunteers played a key role in the effective performance of the hospital. The Hospital Auxiliary began as a group of women gathering supplies necessary for the day-to-day operations of the hospital. The organization evolved into a critical part of the team working to help acquire funds, equipment and assisting the professionals in the many tasks necessary to the well-being of the patients. Other groups that helped with patients over the years were the Gray Ladies and Candy Stripers.

Local service organizations continue to be a force in the community connection. In the late 1800's, the initial activities surrounding the beginning of the hospital were coordinated by the Ladies Relief Association. The Titusville Service League instituted the hospital snack and gift shop in 1952. Other local groups continue to support efforts through donations, health fairs and other unique activities.

The Staff - from the medical professionals, administrative, support services and maintenance - continues to be committed to the work begun in 1871. Neighbors caring for neighbors...the key to over 100 years of success for Titusville Area Hospital.

Today, Titusville Area Hospital is an acute care facility serving residents in a four-county region. We have earned a reputation for offering high quality, cost-efficient care and are committed to continuously enhancing medical services to meet changing needs.

 Time Line of "City Hospital" now Titusville Area Hospital


 Land purchased by George Anderson and donated to the Ladies Relief Association (This site was on the edge of town and not the current site)

 Dr. William Varian sends Letter to the Editor of the Titusville Herald suggesting need for hospital


 $25,000 raised for building the hospital

 Hospital incorporated March 26, 1900


 Land purchased for $1800 - current site

 Bid $14,500 approved for construction


 Nursing School opened (1906-1926)


 Medical Staff formed


 Hospital catches fire, damages kept to a minimum.


 Special order during Prohibition: All applications for alcohol and liquor must be signed by the President.


 Heating and Intercommunication Systems


 Service League starts snack & gift shop.


 East Wing Completed: Emergency Room, outpatient exam rooms & 24 more beds.


 Intensive Care Unit (ICU) opens


 New Hospital Addition Dedicated.


 New Addition Same Day Surgery & Outpatient Lab


 New Physician Office built on Bridge Street, Tionesta


 Mobile dental service travels to Tionesta, Townville and Tidioute


 Recognized as a "100 Top Hospital" in the United States by Solucient


 Birthing Center Addition; Surgical Suite renovation and expansion completed


 Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) our first in-housescanner


 Capsule camera being used to see inside digestive track


 Converted to private patient rooms for patient comfort;  Sleep Center opened in the Hospital       


 Breast Biopsy, Computer-aided detection for mammography

 PET/CT for cancer staging added in diagnostic imaging


 Cardiac CT Angiography added for early detection of heart disease 


 Added advanced 64-slice CT scanner


Recent Honors and Accomplishments:

2013 "Award for Excellence in Health Care Compliance" - Titusville Area Hospital is one of only ten hospitals in the Commonwealth, and the only one in the region, to receive this honor presented by the Pennsylvania Department of Health. The award recognizes hospitals with no health citations during the last state licensure survey and no major life safety code deficiencies on the last building inspection.

First-ever Digital Broadband Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) System. The most technologically advanced magnet in the region, the Philips Ingenia 1.5 expands the digital imaging services offered by Titusville Area Hospital to include breast and prostate MRI right here in our community.  The Ingenia 1.5T can perform American College of Radiology recommended routine exams of the brain, spine, knee, ankle, and liver in less than 8 minutes, with superb image quality.

Top 10 in the State for High Patient Satisfaction based on a nationally recognized independent patient survey.*

William Sonnenberg, M.D., Board Certified Family Medicine, was installed as President of the Pennsylvania Academy of Family Physicians in 2013.

ACR Accreditation: Titusville Area Hospital's Diagnostic Imaging Services have been awarded a 3-year term of accreditation in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Computed Tomography (CT), Positron Emission Tomography (PET), and Nuclear Medicine (NM) as a result of a 2012 review by the American College of Radiology (ACR).  Mammography and Ultrasonography earned 3-year ACR re-accreditations in 2011 and 2009, respectively. 

All Digital Mammography. Technology and staff expertise sets Titusville Area Hospital apart from most screening and treatment centers for early detection of breast cancer.

3- and 4-dimensional Ultrasound captures images in real-time and shows structure and movement of the body's internal organs, as well as blood flow using sound wave technology.

First Custom Fit Knee Replacement in the Region. The custom-fit technique allows surgeons to precisely match the size and placement of the knee implant to the patient's unique and normal (non-arthritic) knee anatomy.

Brian Los, M.D.,Board Certified Internal Medicine, has achieved certification in Palliative Care, a specialized area of healthcare that focuses on relieving and preventing the suffering of patients.